We cover all aspects of roofing from a completely new roof or repairs to an existing roof.  Each of the available roof coverings have advantages, each can provide you with an individual look for your home, we can help you decide which one is best, we will of course take into account any local conservation laws and our work is all fully certified and guaranteed.

We are experts in ‘Glass Re-enforced Plastic’ (GRP).  GRP is guaranteed for 40 years, and includes fire resistance, water resistance and is an alternative to lead.

Some key factors you might like to consider when purchasing a new roof:

  1. How long will my roof last?
  2. Will my chosen roof work with my existing roof framework?
  3. Will the roof suit my house style?
  4. Are there any environmental factors to consider?
  5. Is the type of roofing allowed by local council?
  6. Do I have to get planning permission?

Our services...